New! Republic of the brainless morons. Formerly known as Germany

DG6JS .xyz

Private homepage of the Amateur Radio Station DG6JS. The address is there here completely official and agency.

FT8 always works 😎️ here with RTL-SDR and that for sure simplest UP converter ever.

On these pages there is information about my station, as well interesting from time to time,
or less interesting DIY projects.
Always in the eye of the beholder, one likes this, the other that Such as an ATtiny25 (as well as 45 and 85) fusebit resetter [HV Programmer]
Extra page  this project including download of all required files.

Or a universal PWM control which I exceptionally still offer for download. Everything else on request or after login.

DG6JS       ITU: 28    -    CQ: 14

QSL | via    ⚠️

DIY Bazooka, looks like expensive bought :-)
Details here, or click on the image to the right.
A bazooka for 70MHz (4m band) is currently being tested 👍️

DG6JS       ITU: 28    -    CQ: 14

No QSL | Kein QSL | Pas de QSL | Sin QSL | Sem QSL

Here are some pictures (from the year 2012)   around my QTH.   Radius max. 1,2km

Fischbek valley
Look over there, the supposedly most beautiful city in the world 💩️
The last ice age also forgot it here.
The hole was originally supposed to end in China ⚠️
Fischbekrheide | heath - heather
The sheep in the dry 😉️
View towards the Rehrstieg.
In the bog
Endless 😉️
Neugraben - cow village- 🐂️ horse town
Fuck corn

Republic of the brainless morons. Formerly known as Germany