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Co² pricing as a climate saver?

Somehow I have to think of the old Sumerians who reported about the star people of the Anunnaki, so they are from the fifth Planets from their solar system traveled to Earth to mine gold, with this they wanted to save their atmosphere, according to the Sumerian tradition.

Why the hell do these space expert Anunnaki have this Asteroids 16 psyche overlooked?
They go to the trouble of mining a few drags of gold here on Earth, where there is a chunk on which x-more there is more gold than on the whole earth.

When translating the Sumerian texts it was assumed that the fifth planet of our solar system is Jupiter, that is true today, but at that time today's asteroid belt was the fifth planet. The Anunnaki didn't have to travel to Earth from another solar system, they would have found 16 psyche anyway and saved themselves the way to Earth.

Let's assume that the Anunnaki traveled from the fifth planet of our solar system to Earth to mine gold, then unfortunately you have to assume that even then it was not working to save an atmosphere with gold.

Now humanity doesn’t have the technical means to get gold from other planets, or even from 16 psyche , to be able to finance the CO² pricing, which saves the climate 🤣️

No, people are much smarter today than the Anunnuaki back then 👽️ they simply save the climate (atmosphere) with money instead of gold.
Thanks to the ECB, there is more than enough of it, it is available in unlimited quantities!

The real value of such money is another matter.

So then, tax CO²

As a result, everything will be more expensive, wages will rise as a result, and the state will artificially lower many things in price so that the social climate can be saved. In the end, nobody should have less than before. 😋️

Could it be that the capital of Anunnaki was Schilda, the legendary home of the Schildbürger, and humanity, especially the Europeans, emulate this example?